-Be aware of your own anatomy- have a look with a handheld mirror so you know what changes may be occurring and can tell your doctor where you are experiencing symptoms

– Don’t put anything else on your vulva- scented products, perfumes, soaps and wet wipes can be extremely irritant to the vulva and vagina and make the situation worse. Try and stick to products recommended or prescribed by a doctor.

-Moisturise-a simple moisturiser can go a long way towards making your vagina and vulva more comfortable and there are a range of products available

-Use a lubricant during sex and use the right lubricant- see our psychosexual information for more tips on lubricants

-Keep having sex if you want to! It’s a common concern that having sex will damage the vaginal tissues permanently and that it is better to stop being sexually active altogether- but if sex is not uncomfortable and you want to, then there is evidence that continuing with an intimate relationship can help to keep the vaginal tissues stretchy and supple around the time of the menopause and beyond- see our psychosexual information for tips on comfortable sex.

-ask about medications that may be making your dryness worse- some medications for other conditions can make vaginal dryness worse and some of these might be able to be changed or stopped.