Oestrogen will help to improve the symptoms of oestrogen deficiency that often interrupt sleep. Progesterone (if needed as part of HRT) has been shown to increase the amount of stage 3 (deep) sleep which will restore that ‘well rested’ feeling we all crave when we wake up and research has consistently shown that HRT can be hugely beneficial for improving sleep around the menopause.

If you have tried everything you can do yourself at home and nothing has worked for you then it is unlikely that these measures will suddenly help you to start sleeping well. At Chelvey Menopause we have the option to book a ‘lifestyle’ consultation where one of our skilled clinician will be able to take a careful history and try to unpick the cause of your insomnia and talk through other techniques (such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) which are highly effective at transforming sleep and can easily be put into practice yourself at home.